Date Time Filter not working on AWS Document DB

Hi, please help me fix this issue.. :frowning:

I'm using AWS Document DB (which is MongoDB Compatible) as my Database and as my Source to Metabase dashboards.

in my Database, for each document in my collection i have a field "timestampISO" which is an ISO String of the creation date of the document .
I Opened the Admin Settings and in Data Model under Columns i've set that field to "Cast" ISO8601 -> Datetime.
Now when i view my collection in Metabase's explore i can see the timestamp formatted and it works great.

The problem arises when i'm trying to add Date Filter (such as "Yesterday" or "Today") to my Dashboard.. it shows an error:
Command failed with error 303: 'Feature not supported' on server -docdb.cluster-* The full response is { "ok" : 0.0, "code" : 303, "errmsg" : "Feature not supported", "operationTime" : { "$timestamp" : { "t" : 1658084363, "i" : 1 } } }

Anyone have any idea how to fix this issue? Thanks!

it seems that Metabase is building a query which uses an operator that DocumentDB does not support. I'm guessing that the only way to solve that would be to use a native query by reading the documentation of DocumentDB to see which is the operator which is not supported.

is there a way i can get the native query out of existing query?

DocumentDB is not supported:
You can view the SQL/Native query via the Notebook editor: