"datetimeAdd" how to use a comlumn value as "amount"?

Hello everybody, I am not an expert and I encounter some difficulties with the "datetimeAdd" function.
I have created a customed column which contains an integer (a number of monthes). Let us call this column "My column".
I want to create another customed column which will contain the "current date" + the number of monthes of the previous customed column (ie "My column").

  1. I have tried this syntax : datetimeAdd(now, [My column],"month") and get an error.
  2. I have tried a simplified syntax : datetimeAdd(now, 1,"month"). This works fine (but is of course of no use for me, I don't need Metabase to know which day is tomorrow :slight_smile: )

My question is the following :
Is it possible to create a column containing a date which would be : "the current date" + "A value in monthes contained in another column"

Thank you for your answer

I think you're seeing a sibling of convertTimezone doesn't support target value coming from a column · Issue #33782 · metabase/metabase · GitHub

Thank you Luiggi,
I think you are perfectly right.
I have read the discussion on GitHub and according to me it is anyway a bug (meaning it is obvious that the possibility to add a column containing a number of monthes (days, years, etc.) to a date (like now) is a real need : for example to compute the date when a stock should be at 0 ).
But I understand (according to the Github discussion) that it is not considered so...
Is there any chance to have this issue solved one day or another? And/or is there any possibility to pass through using a special trick ?