Debug sql queries

Hello everybody.

Is it possible to see all the queries that metabase is executing? For example, enabling some log option?

I ask this because I see that metabase is really slow on my environment, I would like to understand where’s the problem.

Thank you

Hi @l.vercelli
While it’s possible to see a lot from either the Metabase log or by viewing the query in the response of the POST request (check with browser console), but nothing compares to activating logging on the database, since it will tell you exactly what the query is and what’s going on.
What version? And what’s your environment? And what’s your datasource?

I have no access to database logs. It’s an Oracle DB. The environment is slow due to very limited RAM, I’m afraid. It’s a shared Windows 10 workstation.
Version 0.31.2


Okay, it sounds like your computer might be swapping constantly, if you have limited RAM.
You could try to disable antivirus to see if that makes any difference.
Not much you can do besides using a better computer or a dedicated one with more resources.

I don’t think the problem is the queries, but you can see a lot more information in the browser console, where the JSON response includes running_time (milliseconds) along with much more data.

Thank you very much.