Default date in embedded chart parameter

I have a chart embedded in my app that has a date parameter. I would like the chart to show the embedded date selector, but I cannot get it to default to the current days date.

If I give the parameter a value, like todays date, the dropdown box disappears.
If I leave it empty, it defaults to the static date set in metabase. (not the current date)

I cannot use the relative date field filter, because I need to fiddle with the way the When statement is set up.

Is there a way I can set the parameters default date, preferably from my app when I set up the request

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Hi @Nath
I’m guessing you’re using the variable type Date? It’s currently not possible to do what you’re asking for (unless using Field Filter). But there’s a request, so go and vote:

Thanks Flamber, you’re right about the Date variable.
That might just do it.