Default field filter value turning capital letters to lower case

I'm working with v0.40.3.1 on a Postgresql database, writing SQL queries and saving them to dashboards which use field filters.

When I create a field filter on the column and save it to a dashboard with a default value e.g. "Coffee Shop", the dashboard view works fine.

However, very often when I go back to edit that query, and then run it, it returns no results - because I have a line of code saying where {{merchant_name}}, and the default value for {{merchant_name}} has been changed from "Coffee Shop" to "coffee shop" - removing the capitalisation. It's not that the default is still "Coffee Shop" and the query is now filtering for "coffee shop" - the default is changed.

This has been happening consistently over the last few months - and while I can fix it by changing the default value back to 'Coffee Shop', it's really annoying.

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Hi @felix
You should upgrade:
I cannot reproduce on 0.41.2 following your description.

Hi flamber,
I´m using version 0.41.4 and I´m having the same issue, for example take a look of the filter called idProject:

But when I´m going to embed the dashboard in other app that dashboard filter is called idproject and not idProject:

This issue is only with dasboards, I´m not having that issue on native questions, take a look:

So now I have to change all my cards to idproject to have the same standard in my app, sharing felix feelings.

@nacaceres There has been many changes to filter in 0.42, and we're still cleaning up old code to make everything more consistent.