Default value text card with variable

Hello ! I'm trying to add text card to display dates from 2 filters. When these filter are empty I want to say that the data is between last year and today.
I tried this [[{{date_de_fin}}#]]Today
it works when I have no value in date_de_fin, but if I set a dat, it displays June 6, 2023#Today

How can I fix this ?

Can you share sreenshot of what you are seeing and Diagnostic Info

I have the same issue here...I want to override the text value when there is nothing supplied by the filter variable.

For instance, I have a filter to select a customer name and want to display that name in a text card. However, if nothing is selected, I don't just want it to be blank, I want it to say "All Customers"...I can't set that as a default value for the filter, because there is no customer name that matches "All Customers"

there's no logic in the text cards unfortunately. If you want to create an issue in github for it, please feel free to do it