Define MySQL tinyint(1) as number type

Hi there! Is there a way to make MySQL accept tinyint(1) MySQL datatype as a Number, and allow formatting?

I have a field called “order_success”, and another “new_contact”. Both have only 0 and 1 as values. I definded both of them as “Quantity” fields in metabase table metadata, but, since “new_contact” is defined as int(11) (ie, a normal integer field, allowing any integer), whereas “order_success” is defined tinyint(1) (this is a very small integer, allowing only 0 or 1 values), the former can be formatted as number, but not the later. Is there any workaround?

Do you have tinyInt1isBit=false under additional settings in your MySQL driver setup?

Comments and code in the two mysql.clj and the one mysql_test.clj file linked to below suggests this setting to be of importance for your case:✓&q=tinyint

Oh, thanks, great reference, I missed that flag completely.

Well, I went through some of those links. I have my flag set to false, and, as said before, Metabase allows me to sum it up, but I just can’t see any formatting option, neither in the query builder or in the data model default formatting. It feels to me like it just hasn’t been noticed by the devs :frowning: