Delete log file


Is it possible to restrict the size of the log file located at /var/log/metabase.log?
My file size has reached ~16G. Would deleting the file altogether affect the app in any way in case I have no use for the log history?


Hi @pfpulse
If you have setup Metabase to log via SystemD, then you can use the built-in logrotate by adding a config file in /etc/logrotate.d/, example:

/var/log/metabase.log {
    rotate 7
    su syslog adm
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Great! Thanks @flamber

Since logrotate needs to create additional files, for me it was causing permission issues. To get around this, I created the a directory at /var/log/metabase and gave ownership of the directory to syslog adm. Accordingly, in the logrotate config file I changed the path to /var/log/metabase/*.log. This got rid of the permission issues.

@pfpulse This comes down to the specific OS, but it's more of a syslog/logrotate question. There's quite a lot of things you can do with syslog (and systemd), which would be way out of scope of our docs