Delete Metabase Application Data

Metabase defaulted to installing to our public schema which i do not want.
Is there some way to uninstall or delete all the tables and such created by metabase? I want it in a separate schema

Hi @mikkelarm
Currently Metabase does not have a way to hide a schema. You would have to manually hide each table, or delete the database (which will also delete questions based on it, Admin > Databases) and add it again with the correct schema.

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Hi @flamber thank you for your reply

I’m not sure i understand correctly, I’m not specifically trying to delete a data source, what I’m trying to delete is the internal model that Metabase uses (the tables where questions, users and so on are stored)

Is that possible? Or is there perhaps a list of all the things i should go ahead and delete?

@mikkelarm You would have to do that manually (and hopefully not corrupting the metadata completely). Metabase does not delete tables or columns, even if you remove them from your database, then when Metabase syncs, it’ll just hide those.
You should look in metabase_tables (from there you should be able to find other table references based on the constraints).
Remember to backup the metadata before doing anything like that, since there’s a big chance you’ll end up corrupted.