Deploy Metabase Separately

We’ve used Metabase as one of our data analysis platform, now we want to do load balance. Is it possible to deploy the front-end and back-end separately?

Hi @cecile
Have a look at this article:

Thanks for your answer.
I’ve read this article, which involves multiple instances of Metabase deployment. If I deploy it on ordinary Linux system not AWS, how do I configure multiple instances and check health? So I have an idea that is it possible to let the front-end and the back-end use different ip and port. When running the application, use the command like “yarn start” and “lein run”.

Hi @cecile
You should never run development environment in production.
When using a build JAR, then it contains frontend and backend. You can setup a load-balancer to multiple instances, which will spread the load and have a fail-over (if your load-balancer handles that).
I don’t know which load-balancer you’re using, but I’m sure you can find guides on how to setup by searching the internet, since that is not specific to Metabase.

I take your point. Thank you.