Deploying Metabase on Azure Container Apps

I didn't see any existing docs that covered deploying on Container Apps so I wrote one.

Make Better Decisions the Easy Way: Deploy Metabase with Azure Container Apps - DEV Community

Hopefully it will help some folks out!

By the way - I don't discuss it in the post, but I have my own Metabase instances configured to scale to 0 so it costs me essentially nothing when I'm not using it!

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Very nice.
Would be good to see a comparison of deploying in different ways.
Docker vs Kubernetes vs VM

I have an Ubuntu VM (not currently in Azure) that's running Metabase, Postgres and a Talend (data integration, just a jar). I like the control that gives me and it wasn't a huge leap from my normal Windows deployment. Not sure if it's worth the move to a container yet.