Deploying Metabase on GCP

I followed this tutorial to deploy metabase on Google Cloud.

Though the app got deployed it wouldn’t start Metabase. It says “Registered abstract driver :sql ?” in the GCP log. I also installed “haveged” as someone had suggested it on github issues, but that didnt work either. Please help me with a link that best best explains the step by step process to make the metabase work on Google Cloud.

Hi @akshay
Which version of Metabase are you trying with?
Are you using H2 as the internal metadata database?
I did a search a couple of months ago - have you seen that? Google Cloud AppEngine

Hi, I am using v0.33.2. I went through, trying the rest but I have a doubt, should we specift MB_DB_TYPE as postgres and not mysql ?

You need to specify MB_DB_TYPE to which database you’re using for metadata; h2, mysql or postgres.
Try using H2, so you know if the problem is using GC’s MySQL for metadata.

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But how do i setup h2 instance ? Google Cloud only shows mysql and postgres

Using H2 is not recommended for production, but right now this is a test.
The H2 is just a file-based database, created inside the Docker container (by default).