Design bug report - button unavailable

When having a rather long table name, wanting to use a i.e “greater than” number filter, the button to select which comparison operator to use is unavailable. See screenshot. Zooming out in the web browser does not help…

Rather awkward… :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be happy to see this corrected.
Thank you.

As a work around, have you tried changing the name of the column in the Data Model via the Admin module to something shorter? (you may need to refresh the browser window containing any questions that are currently displaying that column to see the change)

Hi @daniel.geback
Are you using version 0.32.10? If not, then upgrade to that, since I fixed that issue some time ago - along with many other long-text issues.
Or you can do what @brianwilson recommends :slight_smile:
By the way, latest release is now 0.33.0, but it’s a big change for the query browser - read about it.

Currently using 0.32.8, so looking forward to performing the update… :smiley:
Thanks for swift replies!

@daniel.geback Always remember to backup before upgrading!