Detailed alerts on reaching a goal

Greetings, dear Metabase community,

I am trying to find a good solution for my use case here:
We have a report that results in a simple table like that:

Item | Ratio

Item 1 | 0.05
Item 2 | 0.1
Item 3 | 0.9

I'd love to get alerts when an "Item 1" reaches a ratio of 0.1, for example.
One solution I tried - putting it in a bar chart (not so suitable here) and setting a goal. This way alerts work, however as a message I am getting a bar chart, which is not suitable here. Instead, it'd be nice to receive a more detailed alert message - which row reached the goal and what is the current value.

Do you think there is a way to set this up with a power of Metabase?


Hi @amureki_voiio
If you create a Custom Column with an expression, then you might be able to do it with GUI, but I think you should probably look into doing this in SQL, where you filter the results, so nothing is returned if it doesn't meet your manually configured goals.

Thanks @flamber, for the nice suggestions!

In this particular case, I have a resulting dataset which always have some results (so, following the example, "Item 3" has a ratio of "0.9"). So, I am not interested in this one, but only interested when "Item 1" will reach the goal. I'm not certain how can I filter results in SQL to achieve that, maybe you have a hint?

@amureki_voiio It's sounds like it's going to be slightly complicated no matter what. I don't think Metabase has a good solution for this. Perhaps you can setup an email filter, so you delete all emails, which don't hit the trigger - then you would always get the full results, but not see the email, since your client would delete.

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