Develop cascading dashboard filter

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I hope someone has come across this and can provide me with some direction.

I have a dashboard that pulls in data on usage of a program. This is done over a large population. I have dashboard filters that are set to ‘region’ and ‘city’.

Is it possible to set it up so that when the region is selected on the dashboard filter, only the available cities for that region populates in the second dashboard filter?



Hm, you seem to be trying to cascade filters. Same as

and as this brand new:

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Thanks, yes - this is what I need. Cascading filters. Thank you for helping me out with the vocabulary.

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Perfect timing @Maryke, Thank You! The best way to let the Metabase team know this is a highly desired feature is to “Like” related posts in this forum by clicking on the heart icon at the lower right of thread entries. Even more effective is signing up with an account on Github and “Upvote” related issue posts by clicking on the thumbs up icon at the lower left of as many thread entries as possible as in Limit the number of options displayed in a filter based on the selection of another filter (GitHub Issue #5540), for example.

Cascading (linked, dependent, etc.) filters is definitely a frequently requested enhancement for many users and doing the above helps the Metabase team prioritize the many demands on their time and resources in building on an already incredibly fantastic product!