Development and (mainly) debug workflow for Clojure

Hello metabase backend-developers,

I would like to know what tools you are using to develop, test and (mainly) debug in clojure.
I have started getting into metabase and clojure development over the past few months and have also contributed to metabase. I learnt clojure during that time and fell in love with the language. My background is mostly Python. Till now, I have been developing clojure with just vim and debug with just “println” statements. Its surprising how well this works because of clojure’s functional nature.

However, I would like to level up now and get some info from other seasoned clojure developers as to what their tools/workflow is. I started looking into IDEs just because I thought they would have better debugging features. Cursive is still definitely a step-up but I dont think its straightforward for debugging a web server process like metabase.

So my question in a nutshell is: How do you debug problems specifically in metabase? Coming from the Python world, I used to insert a line of code just before code I wanted to place a breakpoint at, and the python interpreter just starts the debugger when that part of the code is reached. Is there something like that in Clojure? Or are there other techniques?

Thanks for the great product!

  • Chandrakant

I have the same question about how to debug

@ning Have a look at the official Clojure resources: