Development environment setup

I’ve given up trying to use Windows for development - just too many workarounds.

I’ve now created a Ubuntu Virtual Maching on HyperV. Basic install running.
Installed all the pre-requisites for development (all the stuff with strange names).
Pulled the latest code from Git using the Git Browser in Netbeans.
Rebuilt the jar using the build script. And it all works.

Very pleased with myself as this is the first time I’ve used Linux for real.

All ready to play. Problem is - what development environment? Netbeans doesn’t appear to understand any of the files. I can’t see any obvious project files. Just seem to be hundreds of js, jsx and css files. Most have references that can only be interpreted by webpack & co.

I’ve been doing web stuff for 20 years, but have never come across anything with so many dependencies before.

What are most people using for development? Can it really be a case of using File Manager to browse for the correct file?