Development of specific icon required -paid

we use Metabase tool to query SQL database.
we use the SQL to query access control system .
when, for example, door forced opened it shows as alarm in the database.
we use it as a dashboard tool to show if there is an alarm from specific doors.

currently there is no icon to show if there is an alarm or not ( there is the guage but its not exactly what we need.)

what we need is that if the count of alarms is =0 the icon will be green.
if the count is 1 or more it will be red.
once all alarms have been reset to normal state- the icon will show green again.
also like in the guage we would like to have number of alarms in the icon itself.
its not a big change and its very similar to the guage, but in the guage you have to seperate each section with specific color while here we dont know the range, it is possible that there will be 5 alarms or 500 alarms depends on site scale.
so basically 0 - green 1 or more - red.,with the number written to show number of alarms.
( please leave possibility to configure just in case we would like not more than but more than 3 … )
how much will cost to develop such icon ?
please contact

I don’t know how important the formatting is, but you could just conditionally format a table with a single value:


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hi Andrew
thank for the prompt response,
yes I tried it… it doesn’t looks too good…
can you develop something specific for us? of course with payment.
think about IT dashboard . we just want to know if there was an error or not. like you walk into a room and is it red or is it green. I think the best way will be modify the guage with conditional formatting ( not defining any scale , but if we must we can say scale 0-100, and condition when 0 will be green and if above 0 will be red.

Sorry, beyond my knowledge at the moment. I’m sure someone else will be along though.

Hi @markr
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