Development using Vscode

I am trying to run Metabase from the source code using visual studio code as mentioned in the link below

But when I go to point no. 4 and run yarn dev, I get this error : Yarn requires Node.js 4.0 or higher to be installed.
I have installed node 14 in my system but that doesn't seem to work inside the dev container. In fact, I get node: command not found error on trying to check the version.

However, I am able to run metabase using the command: lein run . But this does not run the Enterprise version and I need the Enterprise version.

Would anyone be able to help on this?

Hi @anindita0690
Which branch/tag/commit are you working from?
You use the environment variable MB_EDITION to define ee or the default oss before running lein.

I am working off the master branch.
I tried setting MB_EDITION=ee in the Dockerfile for all three ocurrences in the file. But that's not helping.

@anindita0690 You should post what you are doing, since it's difficult to understand.

lein with-profiles +ee run should work, if that's what you are trying to do.
You can see all the commands that yarn is performing.
It sounds like you are missing Node somewhere. Otherwise try the release-x.39.x branch.

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I am currently able to run Metabase directly from the terminal using lein with-profile +ee run. Not going via the vscode route anymore.

Is there any documentation around deployment into our internal environments from the modified source code of Metabase?

@anindita0690 I don't understand. When you build your custom version, then you would run Metabase as if it's a regular release.
But since you are considering the Enterprise Edition, then I would recommend that you contact support via email.