Diagnostic Info - Columns Filtering

Trying to create an activation user funnel, with different steps.


  1. Name provided
  2. Phone
  3. Biometric
  4. Application created

Want to know if is possible to know which users drop-off on each step without using SQL.


Hi @MarcosIn
Without knowing your data, then it's impossible for others to help you.
The only thing I can do is link to the visualization documentation:

Hi, thanks for your reply.

First attachment;

I already made the Funnel, but the data is structured in a way I cannot change anything without using SQL (We dont have SQL opened yet).

Second attachment:
Example columns

The last Step columns are the sample steps I have mentioned before. So want I would like to get is the Backoffice Individual IDs that dropped off from one step to another.

Let me know which kind of data/pics you need and lets see whether or not I can post them here,

Thank you so much beforehand.


@MarcosIn So you just need the funnels reorders? We're working on being able to reorder funnels in v45 (coming in a couple of months): https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/24840

Until then, you would have to create a Custom Column where you rename all the steps with a value in front like so:

case([Last Step] = "PHONE_VALIDATED", "1. PHONE_VALIDATED", [Last Step] = "BIOMETRY_SET", "2. BIOMETRY_SET", [Last Step])

Thanks for that. And about the second question?

I would like to see the users (Backoffice ID) that reach the last step, and for those who don't reach the last step, where they drop off. I cannot find the formula for that.

Thanks again

@MarcosIn You would need to do a lot of juggling, which would be a lot easier in SQL. What you are asking is not a simple query, Metabase doesn't have such functionality in the GUI.

Thanks @flamber