Difference between Cloud and Self Hosting infrastructure

As the title suggests. I know that functionally they are identical, but it's the infrastructure I'm interested in.

Are there limits on bandwidth etc.?

Is scaling up/out automatic and does it incur additional cost?

Lastly, in a Cloud hosted environment do you have access to the application database? We are pulling key metrics from ours in a self-hosted environment.


Hi @AndrewHarvey
Metabase Cloud is hosted and managed by us. I cannot tell how you are running your self-hosted instance, so I wouldn't be able to tell you the difference.
Perhaps this is helpful: https://www.metabase.com/blog/why-metabase-cloud

On Metabase Cloud there's various scaling options, some are manual, some are automatic, but are controlled by us and adjusted based on monitoring we're doing together with information from the account owner.

There's no access to the application database on Metabase Cloud: https://www.metabase.com/cloud/docs/limitations

Thanks for the update.

Just passing on the question I know I'm going to be asked, if scaling is required are there additional costs and how are they worked out?

@AndrewHarvey It depends on the plan and how many users you have, so if you want to spin up a Starter plan with a single user, but using Public Sharing or Signed Embedding on a website visited by millions, then Metabase Cloud is not the choice for you, but that is also noted in the terms.

Since you are asking about scaling, then it's probably easier if you provide me info on how you're currently running Metabase, how many users you have and which scaling issues you are currently encountering.

@flamber Current Plan is MB Pro self-hosting. We're still in pre-production but initial roll-out will be to 60 users scaling up in the following 6-9 months to a few hundred. No public dashboards, all SSO and full app embedded.

As we are in pre-prod we aren't encountering any issues, but I'd like to have an idea of a scaling roadmap once we switch over.

@AndrewHarvey You won't have any problems on Cloud. There's a lot of customers with a lot more users, but it all comes down to activity and query result times, which can be difficult for you to know the exact numbers of in pre-prod, so we would make adjustments according to your resource needs.

But you probably want to look into the Enterprise plan at some point, since it might start becoming a cheaper solution after ~100 users. You might want to just let Sales know now, since they might be able to put something together https://www.metabase.com/sales/