Different column and table names when editing questions

I'm using Metabase v0.49.1 and Postgresql. I have a model with tables automatically related by primary and foreign keys. When I need to use a column from a table that is related by foreign key (in a filter for example), some of the columns appear with different names, a shown in the image.

The table name should be "Fato Curso Etnia", but it's showing "Fato Curso Etnium". Some column names are also wrong, as you can compare on left and right sides: "Pk Etnium" should be "Pk Etnia", "Pk Categorium" should be "Pk Category", and "Pk y" should be "Pk Ies".

It seems it is replacing subtrings of names ending with "a" by "um". It also replaces "Ies" by "y". It also happens with other tables.

Hey marcuswac

We’re always trying to improve the localization and language so thanks for the heads up. I'm assuming this is also happening when you view the Metadata in Admin Settings?

Feel free to create a bug report similar to the following which is also a localization issue.

Hi @Filmon,

It does not happen in the Admin Settings / Metadata. For now we only saw this problem in question editing or filtering.