Different dates for week graph vs table

This is driving me nuts. The below is the just one question but toggled between the Chart view and table view. Grouping is by week. Nothing clever. Metabase 0.48.6,
As you can see the dates in the table show March 5th as first day of week, the chart shows March 4th for the first week start.
The only oddity is that the database has Sunday as the first day of the week but Metabase has Monday. I can't change the database settings.
Any thoughts?

Solved but I still don't really understand the result.
MS SQL Server.

Database set to BRITISH (first day of week = 1 / Monday). Metabase set to use Monday as first day of week.
Result is as above.

Database set to US_ENGLISH (first day of week = 7/Sunday). Metabase set to use Monday.
Result is correct.

I assume there's either a problem in how Metabase handles the non-US first day of week or there's something in the JDBC driver that's not working correctly.

I've moved this to bug reports as it's definitely a problem.

SQL Server (I'm using 2019, but probably affects all).
DATEFIRST (first day of the week) is set to anything other than 7. Normally set via user Locale but can be set as part of SP or in a query.

The Chart returns the correct date for each week start. The table returns a different date (with 1 as first day of week, Metabase using Monday, the table shows Tuesday).
This is regardless of Metabase's first day of week.
I've tested up to 0.48.7.