Different platforms for hosting Metabase app


I am a data analyst at a startup and currently, I am the only one handling the entire data stack. I would like to know whether there is a good hosting platform that requires low maintenance, easy to setup, and is not very expensive.

Currently, we are using Heroku's free version but the data is huge than the storage/processing offered in the free version of Heroku. It is difficult to host and maintain in Heroku and I am planning to use another hosting platform.

I am looking into Metabase cloud but would like to know more options(e.g AWS) that you think are good.


Hi @vishal
Unless you have experience with managing servers, then I would probably just say Metabase Cloud.
But otherwise you should select the hosting provider you are familiar with. Almost any hosting provider allows you to run a JAR or Docker container, which is enough for Metabase.

thanks @flamber