Different results each refresh

Hi everyone!
I'm having some issues on my dashboard that each time I refresh the page it changes de result(look at the first count on the left of the page). Do you know what can I set on the setup page? I don't think is anything related to the SQL.

Metabase version: 0.35.3
Database: Postgres
Public dashboard link: https://metabase.codata.pb.gov.br/public/dashboard/41c4f1cd-10e9-457f-b00c-4a5e521883c5

Hi @raphael
So you are saying that if you run the exact same query on your database, then you get a different result and it's always static, whereas when you run that query on Metabase, then it's a different result and it's constantly changing?
I have never heard of that before, but I would recommend that you try the latest release and check that the connection between Metabase and your database source is not going through a proxy/cache of some sort.

Just for reference, we are also experiencing changing values when refreshing a particular question.

We've not yet been able to reproduce deterministically but it does happen consistently.

Logging here in case of use:

  • The issue occurs for the question when embedded in a dashboard, and occasionally also when just viewing the question by itself (this seems to occur when clicking through to the question from the dashboard).
  • The question is a SQL based question.
  • The question has a date filter.
  • The underlying database is a MySQL database.
  • If you run the SQL (with values chosen for the filter) directly on the underlying database, it behaves as expected, i.e. producing the same result each time it is run.

The problem appears to go away if you create a new version of the same dashboard and question (from scratch, not by duplication.)

Sounds like caching is involved. https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/administration-guide/14-caching.html
But check your database query log, so you can see exactly what and when it receives queries.

If you say that it happens consistently, then you should be able to reproduce, which will help narrowing down where the problem is. The more simple and into the core the reproduction is, the easier it would be to figure out what the problem is.
Sounds similar to Query result issue, though that seemed it happened across just a simple question.

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Thanks very much - good point, and I should have mentioned - we have caching turned off.

Ah great idea, we will have a look at the DB query log.