Different types of database

When attempting to add a database, it's necessary to define the type of the database being added. I'd like to know if there's any way to add a database with a type different from the one predefined by Metabase.

No these are the supported databases:

But you can try to add unsupported plugins if you want to try you will find a couple around. You need to add them in the plugin folder of where you deployed metabase

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I need to add InterSystems Caché, do you know anything about how to do this?

never heard of such a plugin for that sorry

You can use MS SQL, then have a linked database. That will work with anything that supports ODBC or OLE DB. Performance isn't quite as good and it's a faff to setup but does the job.
If you need Caché, it suggest this may not work due to data volumes. Depends what you're trying to do.

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Does this also work with a JDBC?