Disable Cloudwatch Metrics

After deploying Metabase on AWS Beanstalk, the costs of the Metabase namespace is extremely high. Is there any way to disable these metrics? There is no intention to use the metrics so it is not a suitable expense. Thanks in advance for any help.

open the bundle, clear the metrics that you don't need, and then zip it and deploy it

Thanks for the answer, so how is that process? I found a config file, but not sure how to get it changed in the docker image.

Got it, thanks!

SOLUTION: If you are wondering the same, you need to open the aws-eb.zip and go to the hidden folder .ebxtensions/metabase_config/cloudwatch and there you will find a config.json file. There you can modify the namespace to your liking. After zip all the contents and deploy this as a new version of your Metabase application and deploy to the environment.