Disable filter when an other is activate

Hi everyone,

I dont know if its on working or not, or if exists, but I will appreciate if the possibility of automatically disable one filter when an another one get selected was added like a parameter of the filters.

If someone know more about this, thanks to answer to this post!

Hi @Marcus
There's currently no way of scripting filters like that. If you use SQL, then you are able to make some checks.

Thank you for your answer, @flamber!

I use SQL and I dont have problems to chose which one of the filters who's actually working.
But the fact that on the page, the filter seems activated can confuse the users.

That's why this option can considerably improve the user experience, in my opinion, and help me as well. :smile:

@Marcus I'm having a hard time even coming up with use-cases, since if there's "conflicting" filters, then it would probably be better to use different questions.

@flamber No problem. I understand and I can find a way to handle this.

And thank you for the fast answer. See ya!