Discourse as SSO provider for Metabase

Hi Everyone,

We are running a community based on Discourse which is collecting data in a separate application. This data collecting application is connected with Discourse. Now we would like to provide an analytics platform based on Metabase. Ideally, Discourse would be the SSO provider for Metabase. Any ideas on how to tackle this?

Have you considered moving the authentication to LDAP or similar? Discourse can integrate with LDAP - and so can Metabase and many other programs/services.

That probably is the only way. I am very reluctant to move into that direction, because none of the ldap plugins are officially supported. Reading in the Discourse forum, I am under the impression that those plugins aren’t that stable. I don’t really want to get myself into a position where nobody can log into our forum any longer after updating Discourse, because the plugin is not compatible with the newest release (for example).