Display Date as date instead of date+timestamp when tabulating Raw Data

Hi, first and foremost, thank you for such an awesome platform for data visualization.

I am using Metabase with PostgreSQL. In my pgSQL table, I have set a date column with the format date (not date+timestamp). When I tabulate the raw data in Metabase, the format is displayed as date+timestamp. I would like to know if there is a way to configure Metabase to display the date as formatted in the pgSQL table? Table is as follow:

Date | Data1 | Data 2

1-Jan-2016 | 90.30 | 80.50
1-Feb-2016 | 90.30 | 80.50
1-Mar-2016 | 90.30 | 80.50
1-Apr-2016 | 90.30 | 80.50

I do realize that I can group the dates by month but that would not allow me to tabulate multiple data without manually entering SQL query. Since I am setting this up for my team which may consist of those who are not familiar with SQL queries, having Metabase follow the date format configured in pgSQL would be more user friendly.

If this is possible, I hope someone can show me how to get around it. If not, this could be something that the devs may want to consider in future updates.

Thank you very much for your time.