Display graph by week number

Hello Metabase Community,

Is it possible to still display weekly data in a graph using a week number label instead of the first day of the week label on the x-axis?

We typically display data by iso week and are finding the first day of the week label not very intuitive for users given that the data being displayed is a count of events that have taken place during the week (so the data is displaying the cumulative sum of events on the last day of the week).

Thank you!

Hi @krisr
I don't think I understand what you mean by first day - can you include a screenshot to understand it?
Yes, by using the "Week of year" granularity selection, or "Week" if your data is across multiple years:

Thanks for the quick response @flamber !

I was trying to just use the grouping of 'week' and not 'week of year'. When using just the week grouping, the week label I was referring to looks like this:

The 'week of year' option limits us with the period of time that can be displayed. To display the desired data (events that took place during a given week), we can only look at one year at a time. So looking at data by week for the last completed year looks as expected:

However, if we want to look at a period of time that is dynamic then the ordering of the weeks doesn't make sense when there is a year break included in the period filter. For example, if we look at the last 12 weeks and use the 'week of year' grouping, then the 1st week of 2022 appears at the start of the chart and the weeks in 2021 appear at the end:

Ideally, we would want to use the week grouping but have a label that reflects the iso week number and year. Is there any way to do this?

@krisr There's currently not a "display style" which allows the ISO week like that. You would currently have to do that in SQL.

Ok, thank you! Is it possible to add isoweek display style as a feature request?

@krisr You're welcome to open a request for it, but I don't think it will come anytime soon (if ever):