Display value as not showing date


Please see image below:

Take a look at the referenced table:

For some reason, I'm not able to show the foreign key field as Data (the column, which isn't even showing up), though I'm able to do it with any other field, any other type. Some idea on why?

Hi, so far that doesn´t seem possible (you also can´t filter on foreign or entity key fields that you use for joining), there is a github issue for that: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/5714

I totally support that it would be nice though - we just decided to multiply those fields to have one version for the join and another one (with the same entries) for filtering/displaying.
Hope that helps, cheers, Eva

there is another github issue I just remembered: Data model hard join does not disappear after de-joining even when you un-join your tables you might have issues showing the fields …

Hi Eva, thanks for the reply! I’m not sure If I totally understand your point.

I’m actually able to display a column used as foreign key as another column from the joined table. In my example it may not have been totally clear, but I’m able to show the foreign key column from my initial table as any other column of the joined table, except the one which is of type “Date”. Is that what you were saying, that one can’t show value as Date, although being possible to show it as another column types from the joined table?

Oh, and, by the way, using a “Time” column (I’m in MySQL, for reference), Metabase displays the column in the admin panel, I’m able to select it, but then, once seing the table, the originial value is still shown. Is this also related to the issues you mentioned?

Hi Lucas, ah, sorry! then my posts don´t help I guess … did you have a look at github to check if the bug (if it is one) is already reported? Just had a quick look and found this:

Christ, my mind! Not only I had already found that issue, but I also commented it on April 20th, and now I got really surprised by seeing that comment of mine! lol

Thanks for the support!

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