Django Reference app not working

I'm following these as a guide to embed Database dashboards in my app.



Reference applications for common web frameworks showing how to embed Metabase charts - metabase/embedding-reference-apps

First, I had an issue with the Python version, T had to use python 3.7 to make it work.
And then run

python runserver

to get the localhost server running, but none of the charts or dashboards work. All of them show

Any ideas?

I rerun the Metabase Docker container, and now I'm showing

Leonel, check for the logs in the Metabase Docker container, the logs might show you the error that the backend is generatinig

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Hi, Luiggi. That's a good idea. I reviewed the logs, but it's no it is not apparent where the issue is for me.

Could you please give me a hand?

I'll copy the logs in a clipboard because it contains links and this chat is not allowing me to paste the whole deal.

@leonel It errors with Public sharing is not enabled