Do I need more than one premium embedding license

I am hosting Metabase using elastic beanstalk on one aws account, but require another Metabase instance in a different account. We have premium embedding enabled. on the first account. Do we need to buy another premium embedding token or can we reuse the same token in the second deployment?

Hi @ChristineChetty
Yes, you need multiple. The old "Premium Embedding" license is per-setup. But we haven't sold the product for more than a year, so you would need to use Pro if you need to remove the "Powered by Metabase" from other deployments.

Is it possible to move the setup but retain the license we currently have?

@ChristineChetty You can move the license to a different setup (within your organization). So you would first remove the license from your existing setup and add the license to your new setup.

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please just qualify what "in your organization" means here, we have two AWS accounts. Do you mean that it must stay on the same account?

@ChristineChetty Your company. It has nothing to do with AWS.

If you got more licensing questions, then please contact support.