Do not get date settings for some timestamp fields

Facing multiple issues around timestamp fields.

First issue is that I don’t see date settings that are generally visible in sql question’s settings for one particular timestamp field. This timestamp field is nullable column.
Second issue is that in Analyze Query view this field is not considered as date. I can not apply date level filtering. Metabase seems to be considering this field as text.

Our metabase is connected to postgresql database. Metabase verson is v0.31.2.

Is there any known issue around timestamp or nullable timestamps or nullable fields?

I’m running different database that doesn’t even allow nullable timestamp, but what’s the Type set to in Settings > Admin > Data Model > (your database) > Phulwari Child (table) > Exit Date (column) ?

Hey we actually got this issue resolved. Problem was that metabase was caching the query. Changing some parts of the query( “order by” clause in our case) made metabase issue a new query and fixed our issue