Do you plan to add new types of charts?

Do you plan to add new types of charts?
I need two types:

Speedometer Charts (
Heat Map Charts (

There are developers Metabase?

Hey there! Metabase will always be looking for ways to improve our charting features. Our next release will include a progress bar chart type rather than a speedometer chart:

We do currently have pin maps, but don’t yet have heat maps, though there is an open GitHub issue about heat maps.

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Hey, @maz , are you guys planning to add new charts in the v0.31 of Metabase? A combined chart option would be awesome (eg. create a bar chart combined with a line one)


Yep! Line + bar charts are currently planned for 0.31, as well as gauge charts. We’re also working on a type of number card that will show the percent change vs. the previous period. We may also have a new summary/pivot table visualization with lots more controls over pivoting, totals, and subtotals, and things like that.


Hey @maz,

when can we expect data-heatmaps in metabase? also other chart options like slider bars and slicers so that we can integrate multiple charts with in one dashboard. Thank you for all the efforts in making metabase better!

Depends on what exactly you mean by “data heatmap.”

We do already have conditional formatting for tables, which allows you to do a heatmap like this one:

If you’re talking about a map map, we also have the ability to use a grid style on pin maps when using binned latitude+longitude, which looks like this:

As for “slider bars and slicers,” could you show me an image of what you mean?


Thank you for your reply, by data heat map I was referring to something which you achieved through conditional formatting, I was looking for a readymade visualization option but still this can help and can we customize the appearance of the map and grids on the ‘map’ map you’ve shared?

And by referring to slider bars I mean something like this as below:

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Hello Maz can I see your configuration for the table above? I'm looking up how to create a pivot table right now.
Thank you :grin:

@shabiras That's the old pivoted table (the Table visualization) with 3 columns:
And then Conditional Formatting:

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