Docker H2 databse migration with EFS vpc kubernetes H2 databse

I was using the version of Metabase 2.40 using Docker. The database used internally is H2 Type.
I would like to migrate using Kubernetes Helm Chart with H2 databases " .db" and "metabase.db.trace.db" that I used in my existing Docker.

The following error occurred during the migration, is there anything I made a mistake or missed? Or is the .db file damaged?

Thank you.

most probably the DB is damaged. Which Metabase version are you running? version 2.40 does not exist

Hi, Luiggi

Oh! It's my mistake.

The previous version of metabase is v.0.44.0.

In this case, how do I restore it or is it possible to restore it with RDS Postgres?

I'm still trying, but I get the same error.
Is it possible to restore the above case?

Thanks you

Unfortunately there’s no way to recover a corrupted database, once the file is damaged there’s no way back. That’s why we always recommend to use Postgres or MySQL as soon as you move to a production deployment