Docs around setting up a decent driver dev cycle for non-clojurists?

I’m trying to work on the Elasticsearch driver more. I’ve been making an edit and building and uberjar and restarting Metabase to test each change, but it’s not productive, especially now that I am into the hairier bits of the driver.

I’ve managed to get a metabase-core REPL up, but I have no idea what to do with it… I cannot quite tell what is Clojure knowledge I don’t have vs metabase project knowledge I don’t have. I am missing this info:

  • How to bootstrap up a driver connection via REPL?
  • How to hot-reload edits to Clojure code so I can re-test my changes quickly?

I’m happy to work on this driver but I unfortunately don’t have time to learn enough about clojure independently to answer these q’s myself :slight_smile: However if someone can show me how to get close I believe I’ll be able to iterate on the code itself without major issues…

Please advise, thanks!