Does Metabase integrate with VS Code?

I am a new data analyst at a company that uses Metabase Enterprise as our BI tool.

I find it uncomfortable using the Metabase sql editor and sql snippets to write questions for dashboarding.

Is there functionality to work on metabase with vs code? My ideal is to leverage it to reduce data redundancy, quickly explore files systems, and have all the best quality of life keyboard shortcuts and other features associated with VS code.

The docs reference this: , but I'm not sure if that relates to my use case (or if it's for creating the metabase codebase).

Thank you.

Hi @rnakano
No, Metabase does not have such integration. There's a request for changing from Ace to Monaco, which would likely make such integration easier: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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