Does Metabase syncs any data?


I just want to check one question - does Metabase syncs any data? Or it access’es original database every time when questions is refreshed?


You can set it to cache queries that take longer than x seconds to run.

Yes, I know that it is possible to cache, but if it is turned off, than Metabase will take all data on every refresh from original database, and will not store anything in its database?

It will refresh from the original database.
There is some stuff stored in metabase in the metabase_fieldvalues table. This stores the unique values of the columns used for the filter drop downs. Not used for the dashboard query, but if you’re thinking of GDPR, it will store some user data.

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GDPR in mind, is metabase safe to use?

I don’t think it’s different to any other similar application with regard to GDPR. It’s how you use it that matters.


I run a JAR on my linux server directly and i connected MySQL Database to the application. Since, my company is highly concentrating on GDPR, I need to give them a proof that Metabase does not reads any of my DB data. Is that possible to prove it?

If it didn’t read any data, there’d be no point in having it.
It stores some data from the database to use for parameter prompts. It displays lots of data from your database too.
Not sure what any of that has to do with GDPR though.

Let me fill you in then. GDPR mandates that each ‘identifiable personal information database’ (that includes paper :slight_smile: ) needs to be registered, have a process of handling the data that all employees are trained for and signed for etc… A pile of bureaucracy. If I would use metabase to analyze our db of students there is a valid question. Our db is registered with local authorities, has the handling process in place, employees, teachers are trained (and screened!) before they have access to that db. Now… We introduce metabase to the mix, because it’s so pretty ( lol :)) if Metabase stores ANY of that personal information (e.g. name+ dob, name + address etc…) it becomes ‘identifiable personal information database’ by itself and the whole bureaucracy vortex starts spinning again. If however it fetches data directly from DB every time I try to generate a report based of the db, then it’s my responsibility for handling the results/print-outs, if those contain the sensitive data, but Metabase is not a concern at all. If however, metabase retains the data ‘for faster report generation in the future’, that IS the problem due to the above. (tbh, I’m glad I switched jobs and I don’t have to deal with this GDPR crap anymore :))

@Grendel Metabase fetches data directly from your database unless caching is enabled:
And then a scan is performed daily to fill out information in dropdowns:
So depending on how you have made your configuration, within 24 hours of you removing data from your database, then it should not longer exist anywhere in Metabase.

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