Does the OSX app upload my data somewhere?

I have some personal medical data that I’d like to explore with Metabase.
I downloaded the OSX app and I’m going through the setup process. However, the step where I select my data source seems to imply that my data will be “synced and scanned”.

Does that mean that my data will be uploaded to a server somewhere? Or does all data stay on my local machine unless I choose otherwise?


No I wouldn’t think so. Is the policy statement for what Metabase say they collect if you opt in.

I’m just another user - though I have been looking into the codebase on Github quite a bit.

The sync process is referring to that Metabase periodically syncs table and field names and category information to the internal Metabase database that by default is a H2 database also living locally on your machine. The purpose of this syncing is to be able to populate the user interface with names and values to e.g filter on.

Thanks. I arrived to the same conclusion (by starting the app without an internet connection :smiley: ).

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