Don't get the "download report" button on a question

Hello everyone,

I’ve created a new question but for some reason I don’t get any option to download the report - Don’t get the download report button (unlike other questions where I do get the button).

Did someone experienced it in the past? If so, did you find a solution to this?

Could it happen because the report information is too big?

Really appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance,

Hi, unfortunately I’ve run into the same issue a while ago. They should be solving it but we have to wait for a new update of MB.

The problem (at least in my case) il connected to the usage of filters. In particular, if I have empty filters I can’t download my results, whereas if all filters are filled then the download arrow shows up where it’s supposed to be.

Hopefully this will help you find a temporarily workaround. Personally, I’m either filling all filters or deleting the empty ones from my code.

We checked it out and it solved it.
Thank you for your help!