Double filter dropdown problem

As I put the first filter in column "L3" and then I want to put the second filter in column lets say "Atrribute" when i start typing it also shows values in the dropdown whose already count has become 0 resulting in no rows as output.

Since our users are migration from MS excel. this slows their is there any setting or way so that during the second filter? dropdown gets updated and fast.

I found that from Distribution button I can get existing values but after that i still want to see rows?
I hope i am clear with problem.


Put the question in a dashboard, then use filters.

can you give some examples/articles to read or any tutorial.. because after loading them in dashboard still it the same.

You create a dashboard filter. then connect the filter to the relevant date fields in each question on the dashboard.

@Shrey1 I think that our support team already answered you but the problem you're facing is simply a database problem: when you do a linked filter the values will be obtained from the database (they're not cached), which means that your database will do a full table scan if it's not well engineered