Downgrade Metabase

We recently upgraded from v0.33.6 to v0.36.4. As part of the change (0.35), the server no longer sends newlines at a regular interval while a query is still in progress. This is causing the reverse proxy on our host (Heroku) to time out the connection. There is no way for us to alter this behavior, and we use Redshift as our data warehouse, so it effectively makes any version of Metabase above 0.35 unusable for us.

We would like to downgrade to remove this “feature”. As far as I’m aware, the latest version we can downgrade to that does not have this change is 0.34.3.

I am aware that it is “unsupported” to downgrade metabase, but is it possible to downgrade safely from 0.36.4 to 0.34.3 without data loss?

Hi @jon_outschool
You can downgrade without data loss, but sync process will stop working.
I would recommend that you revert to a backup - if you don’t have backup, then you’ll need to reverse the migration changes manually from anything done after 160: