Download button for every question even if it is inside dashboard

Hello there ,I'm using the embedding option for my dashboards and my client desires a download data as pdf or csv or json option of the charts from the dashboards. We are running Metabase on Docker. version 0.42

Is there any detailed tutorial on how to edit the source code of a local metabase copy in regards of adding this functionality? Or any external dependendency that we can add to metabase image to support this download feature. Or any similar alternative.

I will be appreciate of any help that you can provide.
Thanks in advance,

Hi @olena.marushchak

If you are Embedding, then there's download icons available. It's not available in-app or Public sharing.

There's a request for that for adding it to regular in-app dashboards: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post