Download full results icon not functional in public reports


I have a series of graphical reports which i have created as public. The icon is visible, but export to csv, xlsx or json does not trigger the action. this would be useful.


Hi @crwheelr
Have you correctly set Site URL in Admin > Settings > General?
Check your browser console log for errors.

Thanks @Flamber. It was the enabling of xray.


I take that back. Checked admin and enabled x-ray view but xlsx, csv and json’s not generating from public reports. can you pls direct me precisely to the error log to check?



  1. Post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.
  2. Provide steps-to-reproduce
  3. Check logs

This is resolved @flamber. again my error…

@crwheelr It would probably be very helpful to others if you post what the problem was and what you did to fix it. It’s the only way to have a healthy community, since I cannot support every issue people are having for free.