Download the function of the source data table

I want to add the function of downloading the source data table to the page of the dashboard.
For example, some accounts do not have permission to view the source data table, but download a table of the dashboard.

For example,

Hi @beta
Metabase currently does not have such a function. You would have to built it yourself.
If you’re using Public Embed, then there’s a download button for each card. That’s not available with Public Shared or in the normal interface.

For example, because I set the user user1 to only look at the dashboard, there is no permission to view the original query statement, user1 can not download the original data table, so I mean can also add a download of the original data in the dashboard

I don’t understand. If the user does not have access to the question, then you should see the error “Sorry, you don’t have permission to see this card.” in the dashboard where the card would be. That’s how it should work in 0.32.9
Can you write a step-by-step guide to reproduce this?

ok,my mean is: Can you let users who don’t have permission to view the question statement to download the data table on the dashboard page?

@beta Like I already wrote, there’s no download button on the dashboard. But if a user can see a question on a dashboard, then they can click on the question and download data from the question view.

a user can see a question on a dashboard,but he doesn’t have permission to click the question view.
How does he go to download the data form?

Which version are you using of Metabase?
And how have you configured the permissions for databases/collections?
Again, give a step-by-step guide, so I can try to reproduce.

Here are the steps I took:
1、first step,

2、second step,

I don’t understand. You are first showing a picture of the database permissions and then you show a collection, which I don’t know what permissions you have given.
What about the collection permissions?
And which version of Metabase?

The administrator sets the permissions of user A’s table table1 to be permission denied.
This question statement queries the data of table1, so user A does not have permission, but the permission of the dashboard is set by A.
Do you understand what I mean this time?

Which version of Metabase?

The first few versions are also available, v0.32.4

@beta I have created an issue on this - subscribe to notifications to follow the progress: