Drag and drop points with auto updating of data!

Can Metabase do this or tie into this (it’s a plugin)?!

Drag and drop points with auto updating of data would permit a change in one metric to effect changes in another. A change to a single time series data point of one metric, for example, can be made to effect a corresponding change in that time series metric and others related to it given sql procedures that define the relationships. This has far-reaching applications in medicine, biology, agriculture, finance, etc.

The above is but one example of a VERY impressive OPEN SOURCE project by a Chris Leonello and being maintained by a Paul Pritchard per the home and info pages. And it’s on GitHub which dovetails very nicely in form and function with Metabase!

Perhaps this is something Sameer and others at Metabase are already aware of, then again perhaps not. If not they may wish to reach out to these gentlemen!

Metabase is wall to wall Clojure. I’d be very surprised if there was an attempt to shoehorn something else in.
I used to do a fair bit of work with Xcelsius (now SAP Dashboards and due to be dropped). That had some very impressive widgets that could be used to affect the data in the model for what-if modelling.

I agree it would be nice to have more interactivity in Metabase. I think we all just need to be patient. Learning Clojure would be a good start.

Learn Clojure, good suggestion! Yes it would be nice to have this drag’n drop functionality! Many of my users will kick up quite a fuss without it and for some it’ll be a deal breaker! Somehow, someway, I must have this drag’n drop functionality. But how best to go about it?

  1. Make a new functionality request? Here or on GitHub (is that open to users or just credentialed developers?) it would require significant user demand to justify it and probably a sponsor or champion to see it thru.
  2. Do it myself with some help perhaps? Possibly, but at this point I’m not familiar enough with Metabase’s plumbing to know if I’m talking a new API, some module or plug-in type file, or precisely where or what to tap to get the job done.

For the time being I must concentrate on my original post concerning a “Programmatic way to add Users”. For my intended purpose this is an absolute requirement for scalability.

Honestly, if a single piece of functionality is that important and is available elsewhere then why are you looking at Metabase?

Cost and the freedom of open source is basically why Metabase is so attractive for my purposes. Drag’n drop can wait a bit, where there’s a will there’s a way.

The most critical feature is the ability to receive and apply JSON data from subscription management services such as Stripe or Chargebee via their configurable webhooks. This is so one can purchase a subscription tier (basic, premium, and so forth) and automatically be added as a new user to the group corresponding to one’s chosen service level, login, and start viewing Dashboards specific to one’s group. Canned Dashboards is the most a majority of users will ever want to see, custom Dashboards are a possibility, but formulating Questions is off the table for the time being.

Metabase doesn’t have a built-in JSON reception endpoint that can turn around and feed that into the api\user.clj. So I’ll have to write something custom and which is kind of the point and freedom of open source. Now if there was an alternative to Metabase that had such an ability already built-in and didn’t cost a bundle or lock one in as a captive customer I’d consider it.

Metabase alternatives? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Perhaps a new thread on exactly that, list out some criteria, and see what comes of it.