Dremio Driver

I really love metabase, currently try to connect with Dremio. Hope somebody could help or assist me.
Dremio did provide JDBC jar, and i alrdy put it in /app/plugins/ where my metabase.jar is in /app/metabase.jar
But its not working. Sorry im not very familiar with driver configuration.
I did read this Guide Writing A Driver - Metabase. But i have no idea where should i start coz im noob.

Im really appreciate if someone could help or assist me on this.

Here is my reference so far:


It’s not enough to put the dremio JDBC driver jar in the plugins folder. Some Clojure code also need to be written and included in Metabase.

Maybe my post in this thread helps explain: DB2 Support

A while ago I actually spent a few hours trying to write a dremio.clj file. I based my attempt on redshift.clj and got it to fetch some Dremio metadata but had it failing on other parts…

If I should decide to take up trying again I would base it on the Drill attempt as mentioned in the https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/2157#issuecomment-383636751

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Im not familiar with Clojure. But i’ll give it a try.
Thanks for the respond though, appreciate it.