Dremio/JDBC/ODBC connector

Is there any way to connect to (Dremio) https://www.dremio.com/

either directly or through a generic JDBC/ODBC connector.


Not currently, but there’s already a GitHub issue which you can “thumbs up”:

@Maverick Are you using Dremio? I’d not heard of it before, but looks really smart. Any thoughts on strengths, weaknesses?

@AndrewMBaines We started using it recently, and its already making an impression on us. No data marts, no cubes, no aggregation tables, no BI extracts. It offers to remove the ETLs, and approaching the different datasources connection problem in a great way by providing their own database.

I really believe Metabase could benefit from it’s technology.
@maz It would be great if we get a connector for the same.

Are there any updates for a Dremio JDBC connector driver plugin?

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